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10 Facts You Should Know about NFP owner, Me.

Updated: Apr 3, 2018

I've realized all in these years of owning NFP, I've never actually taken the time to introduce myself! So, since everyone else is doing these #Fridayintroductions I'd figured I'd jump on the bandwagon! Better late than never. This is me in a nutshell:

  • I love animals way more than people, which is why I loved working at a vet office for 7 years.

  • My favorite #summer time activity is laying on my deck soaking up the sun (or laying on a beach soaking up some sun, or by a pool… you get the idea.)

  • I received my first #camera when I was around six years old. It was a pink, 35mm life-changer! (Not really.)

  • I married a huge nerd whose entire life revolves around collecting “pop culture” a.k.a. comics and #comicbook related things. ALL.THE.THNGS. We could open our own shop with the amount of crap -- um, “treasured collectibles” -- we have in our house.

  • I had a total nerd-out moment when I met @MingChen from #ComicBookMen, gave him my business card, and he started following me on Instagram!

  • When I am not photographing half-naked or fully-naked women, I love photographing landscapes.

  • Growing up, #chocolate ice cream with a crap-ton (that’s an official measurement) of rainbow sprinkles was my favorite. However, when I turned 30 my pallet matured. Now, I prefer the more complex flavors of Mint Chocolate Chip. #Sophisticated, I know.

  • My favorite Halloween costume of all time was a Monarch Butterfly that my mom made from scratch! My least favorite was when my brother made me dress up as a remote control and he was a TV. Everyone thought I was a cellular phone, since this was when cell phones were new and massive. #fail.

  • My brother walked me down the isle of my Comic Book Themed #wedding to the song, Number of the Beast by Iron Maiden (Soo romantic, there was not a dry eye in the house.... )

  • The best reaction I’ve ever witnessed from a client during her first look: “Holy shit.... balls.”

In summary, I am a smart-ass with a heart of gold!

Now for the Fun Part!!

The first person to answer (in the comments) this trivia question will receive a $25 credit towards a session or towards a print product!

Trivia Question:

What was the song I walked down the isle to at my wedding?

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