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Nicole Fine Photography | Frederick MD, Boudoir Photography


1. in•vest•ment


Noun. An act of devoting time, effort, or energy to a particular undertaking with the expectation of a worthwhile result.

Boudoir photography -- I think, is something every woman should experience when they are ready -- ready to truly invest in themself. 

Women whom I've photographed started from all walks of ... what... the 'boudoir life?'-- I'll work on it.


Some of them have wanted to do it for years and we're looking for just the right photog (which is a cool slang term for the photographer). Some of them stumbled upon the idea because: They are getting married, anniversary, some sort of 'gift for so-and-so' and it would be the perfect gift for them. 

Many of them are moms. Hard-working mamas who did a magical, (I would say a courageous thing) by growing a little human and bringing them into this world... then having to raise them, protect them, love them all while having to continue to do 'LIFE' (Superheroes. Fucking, superheroes.) They want to celebrate themselves, their body and are ready to tell a story. 


They just turned 30. 40. 50. 60. hell 70. And are wanting to capture each milestone because they should - we are art, works of art that are already created, and ready to be captured.

Whatever the reason. When you step into our world - you realize immediately that this whole experience is going to be about you and for you.

Because seriously...


WHO WOULDN'T want gorgeous portraits of themselves.

After we are done with you, you will want to do it again and again!

Like the saying goes, if you are going to do something, Do It Right.

Why Boudoir

Nicole Fine Boudoir is a bit different from the rest.

Booking a session with me is not just a pay-show-up-shoot-transaction.

It's a Journey...

That begins with a phone or video consultation, which usually takes about 45 minutes or so. Boudoir photography is very personal, and you should vibe well with your photographer so you get the most out of your experience.


We will also go over the shooting process, session packages, product vouchers, and pricing, as well as payment plan options. 

Nicole Fine Photography | Frederick MD, Boudoir Photography
FYI, I usually recommend my clients book at LEAST two months out. This gives us time to plan every little detail and customize the session to you.

Packages & Pricing:

      Every Session Includes: 

• An instructional booklet to help you get the most of your session. Professionally styled hair and makeup by my licensed MOB Squad.

An in-person styling consult two weeks prior to your session. A styling assistant the day of the shoot.

A teaser video of your day of fun, an in-person reveal two weeks after your shoot.

A day of pampering, laughter, fun and of course… champagne.

Session fees start at $1500, which includes a $500 voucher towards your prints and products.

For more information schedule your Consult Today!

Each Session Package comes with a Voucher to put towards print and products.
Additional prints, albums and other products are available for purchase. 

Packages & Pricing



 Bright, airy, warm, and cozy with a flawless combo of comfort and sexy...NFP's main studio space is the perfect place to strip down and feel right at home. 


Leesburg, VA

With options of bright lighting, and moody textured walls,

A Wedding Loft provides the perfect combination of creative elements to produce a variety of styles to fit everyone’s unique personality, vision, and taste.



Nicole Fine Photography | Frederick MD, Boudoir Photography
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