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It's our job to make you look beautiful, but more importantly, we want to make you FEEL beautiful. We are here to give you the best hair, day flawless makeup, gorgeous backdrops, amazing lighting, encouragement, support, laughter, and random dance parties. We customize the entire shoot to accentuate the best of you, your features, and your spirit. 


We want to create a space where you are comfortable enough to toss aside your inhibitions and insecurities. That might be a tall order, but that is what we aim to do. 

(We get it. We are just like you.)



She's the {N} in NFP

She's The {N} in NFP

AKA Nicole Fine Photography

Nicole Fine Photography | Frederick MD, Boudoir Photography


This would be the part where I talk about how 'I have loved photography ever since I was able to hold a camera', or say 'I was always that person at the party taking photos'.  .  .  Yeah, that's not this gal.  

Truth be told, without trying to sound completely arrogant, I've just always had a knack for photography. It was one of the few things in my life that came naturally to me and as I got older, I realized how much I really enjoyed being behind the lens. 

I could bore you with the details of how I fell into the art of Boudoir, but it's not very exciting. The typical storyline, 'I want to be a photographer, and it just so happens that my niche is photographing beautiful half-naked or in some cases fully naked women. 

But sarcasm aside, I truly LOVE what I do. I LOVE capturing the moments when women feel truly beautiful, confident, and unabashedly in love with themselves! It’s awesome to see that switch flip when they remember they're more than just a mom, just a teacher, just a waitress, just whatever. I love creating that safe space for women to feel good, let their insecurities go, and WANT to be in front of the camera. I love the art I get to create, I love my squad, and I love being able to call my passion my career.​​

Super Hero or Super-Villain, why?

Villain. Because it's always more fun to play the bad guy. Watch, everyone else will say Hero and make me look like a dick. lol


the Mavens

Meet the Mavens
Nicole Fine Photography | Frederick MD, Boudoir Photography



I'm grateful I've had the opportunity to work this "beauty" thing for almost 30 years! Modeling at an early age piqued my interest in what all the industry could offer.


I majored in theatre with a concentration in theatrical makeup. This path would eventually lead me to a passion for bridal hair and makeup. Along the way though I made several pit-stops doing all manners of makeup application and hair decoration.


I've freelanced and worked behind-the-counter for several major cosmetics lines. I've worked on fashion shows, photoshoots, major motion pictures, and a mini-series. I'm also a Licensed Cosmetologist currently working out of Studio 509 Salon/Spa and JKW Beauty Boutique, both located in Frederick, Md.

Inspiring women and helping them to witness their beauty resonates with and incentivizes me to do what I do. I love the work that NFP does because it is a natural extension of what I've been working towards for over two decades.

Super Hero or Super-Villain, why?

Super Hero... Cause I'm a healer and villains don't usually resonate with me.



I’m 49 years old and I love to laugh and be a ray of positivity in this often hard and cold world. I love sewing, cooking, motorcycles, cars and oh yeah, MAKEUP! :D

There’s nothing like the rush that comes when you finish a woman’s face and hand her mirror and she gets that first reveal. She’s seeing herself in the light in which she was meant to be created. Fiercely female and beyond beautiful. Everybody should get to experience that at least once in their lives.

Working with NFP is like finding a new family. From the moment when I first arrived on set for the first collaborative shoot, I felt like I was among friends. Nothing changes the tone and success of a shoot like the right synergy behind the scenes, and these ladies are GOLDEN.

Super Hero or Super-Villain, why?

Super Hero. I use my powers strictly for GOOD!

Nicole Fine Photography | Frederick MD, Boudoir Photography


Nicole Fine Photography | Frederick MD, Boudoir Photography


It all started with my first job as a shampoo girl at a local salon. Originally I wanted to be a Kindergarten teacher but quickly fell in love with the world of beauty. That love drove me to pursue my cosmetology license, which I have had now for 5 years!  In 2017 I launched my own mobile hair business, Looking Glass Beauty, which is based in the Northern VA area. Along with hair, my passions include all things lashes!! Whether it be eyelash extension or a lash lift I love providing beautiful sets for my clients! 

I met Nicole back in 2016, during my OWN boudoir shoot, and instantly fell in love with her, the team, and the EXPERIENCE! The positivity and atmosphere she creates at her shoots - I knew I wanted to be a part of that. To help other women feel as strong, sexy, and empowered as I felt during my boudoir experience. So in true fangirl fashion, I mildly stalked her and was always quick to help with any portfolio building or light testing. During those times Nicole mentioned she was in the process of growing her squad and looking for a new stylist/assistant. I immediately jumped at the opportunity and haven't looked back! I love working with this tribe of talented women, the MOB Squad, who truly love bringing out the beauty and confidence in every woman who walks through the studio doors. 

Super Hero or Super-Villain, why?

hmmmmmm....super hero, Haha mostly cause I just think thats what I would be better at. 

Nicole is every kind word I can think of!


My boudoir experience was amazing from our first call until I had my reveal of my pictures. As a mother of five children, I was extremely insecure about having my photos taken at all but Nicole made my experience so FANTASTIC. I felt so BEAUTIFUL and CONFIDENT while getting ready, during my shoot, and still as I write this review over a month after my pictures were taken. 


Every dime I paid was worth the self confidence I have gained through this amazing experience! If you are ever on the fence about this type of photography-- take the leap! Nicole and her wonderful team of equally awesome women will genuinely make you feel beautiful and confident and one of a kind! I cannot adequately express how grateful I am for this experience and these GORGEOUS photos I have to document this time in my life."

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