who are we

We are the Mavens of Beauty aka The M.O.B. Squad. It's our job to make you look beautiful, but more importantly we want to make you FEEL beautiful. We are here to give you the best hair, day flawless makeup, gorgeous backdrops, amazing lighting, encouragement, support, laughter, and random dance parties. We customize the entire shoot to accentuate the best of you, your features and your spirit. 


We want to create a space where you are comfortable enough to toss aside your inhibitions and insecurities. That might be a tall order, but that is what we aim to do. 

(We get it. We are just like you.)

Every woman is nervous being naked in front of strangers. Every woman has something they would like to change about their body -- stretch marks, cellulite, one boob bigger than the other, maybe the jiggly momma’s belly. 


However, that is what makes us who we are as women.


Those imperfections tell a story, a story that is truly one of a kind. It's our imperfections that make us uniquely perfect. They make us strong.

They make us brave.

They make us real.

They make us beautiful. 

©Nicole Fine Photography, llc. 2019