1. in•vest•ment


Noun. An act of devoting time, effort, or energy to a particular undertaking with the expectation of a worthwhile result.

Boudoir photography -- I think, is something every woman should experience when they are ready -- ready to truly invest in themself. 

Women who I've photographed started from all walks of ... what... the 'boudoir life?'-- I'll work on it.


Some of them have wanted to do it for years and were looking for just the right photog (which is a cool slang term for photographer). 

Some of them stumbled upon the idea because:

They are getting married, anniversary, some sort of 'gift for so-and-so' and it would be the perfect gift for them. 

Many of them are moms. Hard working mamas who did a magical, (I would say courageous thing) by growing a little human and bringing them into this world... then having to raise them, protect them, love them all while having to continue to do 'LIFE' (Superheroes. Fucking, superheroes.) They want to celebrate themselves, their body, and are ready to tell a story. 


They just turned 30. 40. 50. 60. hell 70. And are wanting to capture each milestone because they should - we are art, works of art that are already created, and ready to be captured.

Whatever the reason. When you step into our world - you realize immediately that this whole experience is going to be about you and for you. Because seriously...


WHO WOULDN'T want gorgeous portraits of themselves.

After we are done with you, you will want to do it again and again! Like the saying goes, if your are going to do something, Do It Right.

Nicole Fine Boudoir is a bit different from the rest. Booking a session with me is not just a pay-show-up-shoot-transaction.


It's a Journey.


That journey begins when you are ready, and ready to do it right. We start with a phone or in-person studio consultation*, which usually taking about 45 minutes or so. (Boudoir photography is very personal, and you should vibe well with your photographer so you get the most out of your experience.) We will also go over the shoot process, session packages, product vouchers and pricing, as well as payment plan options. 


Once you've decided that NFP is the team for you, and your session is booked, it is on to the fun part. Customizing every detail of your session by process of mood boards, in-person styling consults, and really whatever else you need to help you get the most out of your experience. It's different client to client - some need hand holding from start to finish, some just need a couple bullet points and are good to go. Either way, I LOVE it. I'm here for you. My goal.. my mission..'what I was born-to-do'(too much? probably but eh.. let's go with it - feeling hyped up yet?!) .... is to make women feel sexy, gorgeous, confident that by the time they walk through the doors on photoshoot day - (after an adult beverage or two) - they are ready to SLAY.

On the day of your session you will be pampered, beautified and glammed-up by my M.O.B. Squad. These women have been in their respected fields for decades, and are absolutely BRILLIANT when it comes to their crafts. They know exactly how to apply makeup that works best for our lighting and how to set hair that will hold up throughout a shoot. Their skills allow me to focus on photographing you without having to stop frequently for touch-ups. ( Hey-hey, this gives you more time in front of the camera!) Not to mention - these ladies and I have been working together since the beginning - we are not just ladies to work together - we truly love what we do and who we do it with and the respect we have for each other and the work that we do.... I truly mean it when I say we are a 'woman tribe'....


.... Plus we all have the same dirty sense of humor. 


FYI, I usually recommend my clients book at LEAST two months out. This gives us time to plan every little detail and customize the session to you.  Two weeks prior to your session, we get together for your In-PersonBy the time we all meet, my team will know exactly what you want from your shoot -- the style, the theme, the poses, the shots, the wine, the music... everything. 

​​About 2-3 weeks after your session, we'll have our in-person reveal. You will watch your teaser video of you getting ready, then go through your fully edited and stylized images and pick out the ones you like. We will discuss anything else you want altered or edited, should you desire. From there, we discuss your product options, based on the type and the number of images you have selected. We design your custom album at that time (if that is what you chose to purchase) or go through finalizing your print choices and then depending on what you select with reflect on the delivery turnaround (3-6 weeks) .... but we at this point we are getting very far ahead of ourselves....

First things first, the consult.

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