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       Empowering..professional...soul-boosting. Working with Nicole and her team of miracle mavens is more than I could have hoped for. The ease that they offered, while being naked, is unimaginable. As the day progressed, I could feel my comfort and self-love increasing. The whole process, start to finish, was like working with a best friend..."

                  You are Beautiful

                            Just as You are... Right Now. 

Yeah. YOU!

As a mother. wife. friend. boss. colleague. independent Woman. - the world demands that you
Show Up for others, over prioritizing your own needs.
We are here to help you flip that script, because …
Well ...
don’t you think it’s time to put you FIRST?!
As we take you on a self-love journey we will help you Refocus on your Unique Beauty and help you Embrace the Freedom that comes with being Unapologetically You. 
It is truly empowering!
Because at the end of the day the Only person you have to
When you FEEL Sexy, you LOOK Sexy.





When you step into the studio you are transformed even before the first lash or curl. You are quickly initiated into this tribe of wild, vivacious, crazy women. There will be lots of girl talk, inappropriate humor, spontaneous dance parties, and plenty of "colorful" language.

You May Never Be the Same Again...  

From our very first "get to know you" phone call, I knew that Nicole was it! She really takes the time to get to know you as a person and cares about what you want your shoot to feel like. She took my vision and multiplied it far beyond my expectations.


We talked multiple times before the day of, and from the time I arrived she and her team make you feel so comfortable just like you are spending a day with great friends you have known forever.


The groom loved the photos of course, but I will never forget the amazing experience and never knew I could feel as comfortable in my own skin as I did during my session.

Nicole Fine, I will ABSOLUTELY be back, and to all reading this review...


Every woman is nervous being naked in front of strangers, especially

when there is a camera involved. 


Every woman has something they would like to change about their body -- stretch marks, cellulite, one boob bigger than the other, maybe the jiggly momma’s belly. 


However, that is what makes us who we are as women.


Those imperfections tell a story, a story that is truly one of a kind.

It's our imperfections that make us uniquely perfect. They make us strong.

They make us brave.

They make us real.

They make us beautiful

 Nicole is AMAZING! Her team is phenomenal. She is an artist and the team is incredible.

I had the best time and was completely blown away at my reveal. I am not one who is overly comfortable in her own skin but this team made me completely confident and comfortable.

Thank you so much for giving me the gift of confidence."

bridal boudoir posing image in Frederick MD

When is the perfect time to do a Boudoir Shoot?

Right Now!

Nicole Fine Photography
• Frederick MD | VA | DC •

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