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What is a Portfolio Client Call?​

Just as in any other profession, to stay at the top of your game, hone your craft, experiment with new ideas/techniques, you need to continually practice. I’m no different. That said, I also want to diversify my portfolio and branch out of my comfort zone, but… I need subjects! I don’t have children who are willing/forced to pose for me, my husband is a nope, and my pets don’t take direction very well. Let's be real, I need/want o continue to work with real women, so I came up with (as some would say) a brilliant idea.

Introducing NFP Portfolio Client Calls!

These sessions will "call" for a specific look or theme and offered to clients at a deeeeep discount. This is ideal for anyone who is interested in boudoir, but not ready to commit to a full session. It's also a chance for women to try something different within the realm of boudoir.  

For $150, you will receive:

  • A day of glamour and fun

  • Professional makeup (add professional hair for $100)

  • 4 digital images with a print release

  • Just a taste of the NFP boudoir experience


In exchange for:

Signing a full image and video release. Some calls will be SFW and others not. Please do not reply if you are not interested in your images being “out there”, as any may be used for online and print marketing materials.


Additional Details:

  • All calls will be first announced on Facebook, so be sure to follow my business page!

  • Calls will be open for 10 days only, so you must apply within that time frame, and will be scheduled within those 10 days at a date/time convenient for you, my artists and myself.

  • Portfolio calls are non-negotiation sessions, please do not apply to for one if you do not fit the call’s requirements.

  • To express your interest in a Portfolio Client Call, please email me to schedule a phone consultation.

All you need to know is listed below. 

What days will these sessions be booked?

Monday-Friday: 7am - 4pm, unless otherwise noted in the call announcement. A limited number of bookings will be selected for each PCC session. 


Is hair and makeup included?

Professional makeup is included, and you may add on hairstyling for an additional $100.


How will my images be used?

Images will be used on social media, my website, portfolios, ads, promotions, image submissions and contests. For social media, I will adhere to each platform’s nudity policy, for example, Facebook does not allow nip. Also, I will not use any full-frontal images on social media. Any/all photos may be used on my personal website and future printed marketing materials.


What type of images are you looking for?

It will depend what the call is for. If you are familiar with my work, you know it is very tasteful. My goal is to show the beauty of women and encourage others to feel beautiful and confident about themselves. Some shoots will be safe for work… some not.


Do I get to pick which images are used?

No. When I am doing a certain call for a portfolio build, you are my model. I am looking for specific images and styles, but trust me, you’ll love them.


Do I own the images?

No. The images/videos, belong to NFP however, you will be given 4 images. You are allowed to use or print them however you like.


What if I want more than 4 images or prints?

You are more than welcome to purchase a la carte for digitals, prints, and products.


Can a friend and I sign up for the same day?

Yes! Absolutely, if the two of you fit the call description. My max is 2 people per shoot, with unlimited camera time or until I get the shots I want. (What a fun girls day it would be!)


Do we supply the outfits?

It will depend on the call type.  This is something we would discuss in our consult call. 


What is a print release?

Portfolio clients will receive 4 edited images to print at any size and without a watermark. Images may not be resold to a 3rd party. The the print release contract will include detailed information pertaining to all NFP photo rights. 


What’s a photo release?

Partial Photo Release: Images released to the client will contain watermarks that are not to be removed. The file sizes are for digitals or small prints only. If posted on social media, all images must contain my watermark (logo) and the appropriate recognition of the hair and makeup artists. Images may not be sold to 3rd parties. Basically, they are for personal use only.


Full Photo Release: Two sets of images will be released to the client, one containing a watermark (logo) and one set

without. If posted on social media, all images must contain my watermark and the appropriate recognition of the hair and makeup artists. The file sizes are larger and may be printed at any size.  Images may not be sold to 3rd parties.  Again, for personal use only.


As for the Portfolio Call Clients, the bottom line is these images will be "out there” and may be viewed by the public.

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